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Rules read here

Post by FrostY on Thu Jul 05, 2018 11:34 am

Server Rules

   No Multiclanning - Once a recruit of JA, wearing tags of other clans in game, and being a registered member in other JKA clan forums is strictly prohibited. Please contact a forum administrative for definition on 'clans' and 'guilds/communities'.

   Gaming Attitude - Please be friendly and respectful to other members, treat others how you want to be treated.

   No harassment - Harassment can be either verbal or physical. Player's behavior is considered as harassment if it is continuous, systematic, annoying or unwanted.
   Examples of physical harassment:
       Laming (kick people when your bubble is up or attack people when their sabers are down or their chatboxes are up)
       Kick/Force spam
       Indiscriminate attacks
       Emote abuse
       Disrupting activities (eg - duels, tournaments, 1v1 FFA)

   Examples of verbal harassment:
       Malicious statements or questions

   Additional: Impersonating

   Example procedure:
       Harasser engages in unwanted behavior. Admin decides it has crossed the threshold into harassment and/or other players are expressing legitimate frustration with the behavior.
       Admin issues Warning 1 to Harasser.
       Harasser continues harassing.
       Admin issues Warning 2 to Harasser. Admin will likely use admin commands on Harasser to ensure Harasser is attentive. If the Lamer acknowledges the rules, all further sleeping and asking if they understand the rules may be skipped. Any time sleeping is skipped, the Admin must wait at least 5 seconds after issuing a Warning before counting additional lames.
       Harasser continues harassing.
       Admin issues Warning 3 to Harasser. Admin will likely use admin commands on Harasser to ensure Harasser is attentive. This is Harasser's last Warning.
       Harasser continues harassing.
       Admin bans Harasser.

   No Scripts/Cheats - Aimbot is strictly forbidden and could get admin to prevent this in some way. Kick Scripts and other JKA cheats or technical exploits are against the clan morals of fairplay and equality.

   No lagging/hacking - Any attempt to exploit our server and/or forums with malicious or destructive intent, or any lag which forcefully removes a player from the server will result in a ban.

   No insults/spam - Please do not abuse the gift of public chat and offend us with profanities or meaningless gibble that blocks up the server chat.

   Clan Tags - Either the JA clan tag and/or a guild tag is recommended be worn at all times on all servers. Admin may go undercover and in roleplay the tag may be temporaily suspended.

   No Padawan names - Please avoid using default names or the same name as another player, as we need to identify each and every player. Server admins are allowed to rename blank or Padawan names.

Forum Rules :

   General Attitude - Please be friendly and respectful to other people, treat others how you want to be treated, and never insult.

   Constructive Arguing - Discussions are inevitable and welcomed, but please be always constructive, helping the others to improve their view and opinion.

   Sincere Topic Creation - Please read the information, rules and helps before you create a topic, search if a topic regarding the issue already exists. Rather write a PM, if you don't want to direct to all users. Please post in the right forum, according to the topic's issue.

   No Spam - Only post, when you have something to say worth to read, don't post to raise your amount of posts. Don't double post.

   Inoxious Contents - Don't ever post illegal or pornographic things, or links to it, neither post something, that could harm anybody's PC, and keep personal information private, don't post them.

   Appropiate Usage of accessories - Don't distend the usage of emoticons and images in your posts. Don't use too large pics either in your posts or in your signature. Keep your signature and avatar small.

Tournament Rules :

   General :
       Both Players must agree on the tournament before commiting to it, they must have accepted previously and decided on their opposing candidate and the location.

       Any location is valid, yet for interruption purposes we strongly recommend SoL custom map or exclusive areas in public maps.

       No scripting: If suspected to script in any way and the judge cannot dispel the suspicion, the non-scripter has the right to cancel the tournament.

       No mousewheel-scroll for kicking (even if it is only +moveup). This technical exploit will be treated like a script.

       Bow before each fight and await the referee's command to a) Light Sabres and b) GO!

       No Emotes.

   Normal Duels :
       No kicking.

       After saber lock win or knocking an opponent to the ground do not attack him. Wait for him to rise, bow and continue the match.

   FF Duels :
       No healing nor draining.

       No hiding behind rocks or other obsticles to avoid sabre throws, or using edges to avoid to be pushed of while gripping.

       Candidates must state their force powers before the fight begins.

       Any change of your force powers must be declared, or the other candidate is entitled to a re-match.

       Once a duel is started you cannot change or alter force, '/kill' or '/reconnect' or any other re-matching attempt will result in the other candidate winning the match.

   FFA Duels :
       No running. You are to stay in the selected area to fight. No moving about the map in an attempt to avoid death. Stay in the area.

       No being unfair. If the enemy requires a rest (since FFAs are long) then allow him a minute. But you can not take a rest during a FFA. Only after you finish a FFA duel.

       No using Bacta. This is a tournament, and we need to be fair. You already have Heal and Drain.

       FFAs are to be started like FF duels (but you can use heal) to make sure your FFA doesn't hurt the people watching.

       As Clarification: No Emotes, even in FFA.

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